Contract Uricas ICSI Amy Valiollahi

Client Information

To be filled out by Vet after insemination / after Pregnancy check send to Global Equine Sires (per email or to following address) Katheryn Hegedus 620 Root Rd. Modesto, CA 95357

Global Equine Sires (hereinafter GES) agrees to supply the customer the option to use frozen equine semen for the purpose of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in accordance with the following details and on the basis of the following terms and conditions. The semen will be delivered to the ICSI laboratory named below. The customer agrees to allow the laboratory to convey all information regarding the results of the ICSI procedures with this semen to GES. Approval from GES is required before embryos can be shipped from the ICSI laboratory. This contract only allows the injection of oocytes from the mare named in this contract; no work with other mares is allowed without a separate contract.

Stallion Information

Stud fee per additional embryo produced (at 10% discount):

Mare Information

LABORATORY & VETERINARIAN who will carry out the ICSI:



Terms and conditions for ICSI

  1. The semen is intended for ICSI with oocytes from the mare named above. The semen remains the property of Global Equine Sires.
  1. The booking fee of the named stallion, as stated above, is payable before starting the ICSI procedure. This booking fee covers the charge for the first embryo produced. Each additional embryo produced is then charged for separately with an additional stud fee (with a 25% discount), as stated above. The embryo stud fee must be paid before GES will give approval for the embryo to be removed from the ICSI laboratory, shipped, or transferred to a recipient mare.
  1. The customer agrees that GES is entitled to receive information from Laboratory directly regarding results of the ICSI performed with this semen. This consent refers in particular to information on the number of embryos produced and any plans for shipment from the laboratory.
  1. If no embryos result from use of the semen, or no pregnancies result from transfer of embryos produced by ICSI with this semen, the customer has no recourse to GES. If no embryo is produced from the first ICSI session, a second session can be performed; if no embryo or pregnancy results, a third and last session can be performed. If embryos or pregnancies do not result from any of these sessions, this contract will be completed and a new contract must be negotiated to continue ICSI attempts with this semen.
  1. GES will issue covering certificates for births that are the result of the use of semen under this contract, and send them to the respective breed association. However, this will only be the case if the semen has been used in accordance with these terms and conditions, and the stud fee, as well as all other costs incurred by GES in providing the semen to the laboratory, have been settled.
  1. If the customer violates any provision of these terms and conditions, GES will impose a contractual penalty of  $ 6,000.00
  1. GES is only liable in cases of intent and gross negligence. The exclusion of liability does not apply in the event of personal injury as a result of, as a minimum, a negligent breach of duty by GES or its vicarious agents.


  1. Special agreements are only valid between GES and the customer if they are agreed upon in writing.


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