Global Equine Sires and Maria Velez Contract


This contract is between

Maria Teresa Velez Giraldo

17301 Biscayne Blvd.
Apt 2209
North Miami Beach, FL 33160


Global Equine Sires

for Order 12222 created 07 April 2023

Order will be paid by wire transfer.

The order will include the following stallions:

3 Doses Casallco

5 Straws Diamant de Semilly

3 Straws Comme il Faut

3 Straws Cornet Obolensky

3 Straws Emerald van't Ruytershof

1 Dose Mylord Carthago

15 Straws Quel Homme de Hus

1 Dose Vigo D'Arsouilles

  • All frozen semen is sold per individual straw or Dose.
  • All prices are exclusive VAT, transport cost and health papers.
  • The transportation of the semen is at the buyers own risk.
  • Full payment is required of both the stud fee and shipment costs prior to dispatch.
  • We give no guarantee for a in foal mare.
  • The mare will be inseminated on cost and risk of the owner.
  • It’s not allowed to resale any straws without a written commitment from Global Equine Sires. Attempted fraud committed by the mare owner is punishable by an unconditional fine of $ 20,000.00 per attempt, irrespective of the payable stud fee as well as legal actions against the seller of the semen.
  • At all times keep the breeding conditions in force and the buyer remains responsible for compliance.
  • By ordering and buying semen, the mare owner declares to have taken cognizance of these conditions and declares to fully agree with these services and payment conditions, as well as with the stud fees.
  • It’s not allowed to use the straws for ICSI (intracytoplasmatische semen-injection)
  • Under no circumstances the use of that semen for ICSI is allowed. Any attempt of misuse of semen will be punished with a minimum fine of $ 20,000.00 and legal actions against the user of the semen.


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