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Terms and conditions for the sale of Paul Schockemöhle products (The contact is only valid for one gestation)

1. The semen is intended for the successful gestation by means of insemination of the specified mare (or any other mare that you have notified PS of in writing) and remains the property of the Paul Schockemöhle Hengsthaltung GmbH (PS). An implanted or frozen embryo is considered as gestation at the time of implantation/freezing.

2. 1st insemination dose will be supplied in first shipment 2nd insemination dose will be supplied after customer Vet will provide non pregnancy result to GES (extra shipping and handling cost need to be paid to GES before shipping)

3. If you have achieved a successful gestation with the semen (after 18 days) then that contract has been fulfilled and no more semen will be send. If there is no pregnancy achieved then arrangement can be made for 2nd shipment as we suggested under line # 2 of this contract.

4. By signing this contract you confirm and direct your veterinarian/insemination technician to use a complete insemination dose according to the number of given straws by us when breeding your intended mare. GES will supply extra semen shipping Report with number and identification of straws send.

5. Your vet/tech is also asked to document breeding date, number of straws used, note the collection date / straw id and the subsequent 1st pregnancy check.

6. There will be no shipment of doses without your signed agreement. The owner is responsible to get the signature of the Veterinarian or Person that will perform Insemination to this contract. Full payment of Semen, shipping and handling is required before GES will ship.

7. The client is not authorized at any time to sell or give semen to another person without the prior consent of PS.

8. The client must inform PS if he/she intends to transport the semen from the initial veterinary clinic to another one or if another Person will perform insemination of the Mare.

9. All straws – including the ones that you no longer need after a successful gestation as well as the empty used ones – have to be sent back to PS. Postmarked envelope will be provided by GES.

10. If the client violates a provision of these terms and conditions of sale, PS will impose a contractual penalty of $ 2,750.00.

11. ICSI & ET is only allowed after prior agreement with PS. For this purpose, a separate invoice will be send for every embryo, regardless of whether it is frozen or transferred to a receiving mare.

12. Under no circumstance can any ICSI straws been made.

13. The client agrees that PS is authorised to receive information directly from their veterinarian regarding performed inseminations, ET and ICSI results and authorize your Vet to release to PS the information about the ICSI results obtained.

14. If the mare is still not in foal with the semen for whatever reason, the owner of the mare has no rights of recourse against PS.