Pegase van't Ruytershof Breeding Contract Maximal 3 Cycles

Client Information

To be filled out by Vet after insemination / after Pregnancy check send to Global Equine Sires (per email or to following address) Katheryn Hegedus 620 Root Rd. Modesto, CA 95357

Global Equine Sires (hereinafter GES) agrees to supply the customer the OPTION to use frozen equine semen for the purpose of inseminating customers mare in accordance with the following details and on the basis of the following terms and conditions.

The semen will be delivered to the Veterinarian named below. The customer agrees to allow the laboratory to convey all information regarding the results of the procedures with this semen to GES. This contract only allows the insemination from the mare named in this contract; no work with other mares is allowed without a separate contract.

Stallion Information

Pegase van't Ruytershof

Mare Information

LABORATORY & VETERINARIAN who will carry out the Insemination:



Terms and conditions 

  1. This is a contract that sells option to use semen from Stallion Pegase van't Ruytershof for Mare named in that contract. There will be no Semen sold. The semen remains the property of the Owner of the Stallion.
  2. The booking fee of the named stallion, as stated above, is payable before starting the procedure. This booking fee will allow the Breeder named in that contract to have 3 cycles in that years breeding season (breeding season is from 1st February to 30 November) for a veterinarian to get mare in foal.
  3. The customer agrees that GES is entitled to receive information from Veterinarian directly regarding results of insemination. 
  4. Only one Dose will be supplied with first shipment. In case mare is not pregnant the breeder can arrange shipment of more semen for next cycle and maybe 3rd cycle after that. Shipping and handling (for the 2024 season $ 520.00) needs to be paid and shipment arranged with Global Equine Sires.
  5. If the mare can not be bred, a new contract between Stallion Owner and Breeder can be arranged for a different mare in that breeding season. Has the mare already been bred and Breeder wants to switch to a different Mare, only remaining Options can be used.
  6. Breeder is responsible to have there Veterinarian fill out a contract between Stallion Owner/ Agent and Veterinarian. Without that contract semen will not be send.
  7. If the customer violates any provision of these terms and conditions, GES will impose a contractual penalty of  $ 6,000.00
  8. GES is only liable in cases of intent and gross negligence. The exclusion of liability does not apply in the event of personal injury as a result of, as a minimum, a negligent breach of duty by GES or its vicarious agents.
  9. Special agreements are only valid between Stallion Owner and the customer if they are agreed upon in writing.



Veterinarian agreement with Stallion Owner 

LABORATORY & VETERINARIAN who will carry out the Insemination:


  1. Veterinarian agrees to store semen under the name Global Equine Sires/Agent
  2. Cost for storage will be billed to Breeder named in that contract.
  3. Semen must be used on mare named in that contract.
  4. Empty straws need to be send back to GES  (Katheryn Hegedus 620 Root Rd. Modesto, CA 95357)


Signature of veterinarian/insemination technician



This contract needs to be sent back to after it has been signed by the veterinarian.


Date & Signature of the client (mare owner)

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