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Clarimo with Holsteiner Verband Contract (max 3 cycles)


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Born: 2003

Hight: 172cm

Color: Gray

Approved for:

WFFS: negativ


About Clarimo

Another international top sire with regard to own performance and offspring stood by the Holsteiner Verband stallion keeping, Clarimo attracts attention all across the world as a sport and breeding stallion.

The stallion clearly influenced by his TB ancestors impressively demonstrated his outstanding canter and his thrilling free jumping ability during his first ap-pearances. His jumping quality is not down to random luck as Clarimo’s bloodline combines the outstanding performance genes of the stal-lions Capitol I and Caletto II with those of Wisma and Wodka. Both mares have produced several outstanding jumpers during their career at stud. The produce of Lord daughter Wodka includes the licensed stallions Clearway, Conway I and II and Arturo, as well as Carassina, winner of the German Jumping Derby under Thomas Kleis in 2009.

Considerations for breeding

There is no doubt whatsoever regarding his qualities as a sport horse sire. As he provides his offspring with great athleticism and tons of ambition, care should be taken on the dam’s side, so that the mare is not too ambitious. In terms of conformation and foundation, Clarimo needs correct mares known for their reliable inheritance.