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Cor de la Bryere ICSI with GES Contract


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Color: dark bay

Born: 1968 – 2000

Height: 166cm – 16.2 h

Approved for: Selle Français, Holstein, Oldenburg

LFG with contract

Cor de la Bryère was foaled in France, royally bred, by the French Thoroughbred, Rantzau, who was bred to be a jumper being a descendant of the enormously influential Bay Ronald. Rantzau was by Foxlight by Foxhunter by Foxlaw by Son-In-Law by Dark Ronald by Bay Ronald.

His dam, Quenotte B, by Lurioso a son of the most influential Precipitation son, Furioso. In French jumping circles, Furioso had been a sensation, siring the 1964 Olympic gold medallist, Lutteur B and the world showjumping champion of 1968, Pomone B. Lurioso was himself a sire of international showjumpers.

Cor de la Bryère almost never made it to the breeding barn. In 1970, the selection committee of the Haras du Pin visited his owner, Xavier Ribard and suggested ‘that is not breeding stock, he’s too much of a sport horse. Better geld him; he’ll make a useful gelding.’

The horse was now on the market – and it just so happened that the Holstein Association was looking for French blood, having seen the success of Furioso II and Futuro in Oldenburg. Oldenburg breeder (and showjumping ace) Alwin Schockemöhle was looking for a stallion star, and leased the Furioso xx son Urioso – however he was prepared to sub-lease the stallion to the Holstein Verband. Hence a Holstein inspection committee travelled to France to evaluate Urioso and in doing so, discovered Cor de la Bryère.

Urioso ended up standing two forgettable seasons in Holstein while ‘Cord’ left an indelible mark on the Holstein breed, and jumping the world over.


The Breeding Career of Cor de la Bryere

Approved Sons: 85 (as of 2000)

States Premium Mares: 86 (as of 2000)

Progeny Winnings to 1993: 2,000,000+ DM

Progeny Winnings to 1996: 5,581,229 DM

Described by breeders as a ‘gift from heaven,’ Cor de la Bryere has been especially successful producing jumping horses, as he passes on his incredible bascule, scope, and jumping technique. Cor de la Bryere also passed on his willingness and trainability.

Romedio Graf von Thun-Hohenstein described the stallion: ‘The arching back, like a taut band of steel combined with the super elastic end gives limitless, but always expedient, springing capability to the natural dynamics of each effort.

Add to that ease of riding, marvelous disposition, and a floating, highly balanced canter. These qualities are absolutely to the benefit of young horses, who will no longer have to pay with premature breakdowns caused by jumping and showing solely with a raw, crude jumping talent.’

Cor de la Bryere has had an incredible impact on the Holsteiner breed, occurring in more than 70% of Holsteiner pedigrees, and is credited for improving the breed’s jumping technique. He also had a huge impact on the Oldenburg breed.

His influence in France was limited, mainly due to his jumping. Although he was quick to fold his front legs, he did not have great power. When crossed with Holsteiner mares, which provided this power, his offspring were very successful in the show ring. However, the French mares did not have this power, and so they were usually a poor cross to Cor de la Bryere.

Cor de la Breyer was especially successful in breeding with certain mares. Tabelle (by Heisporn) produced 5 approved sons, including Calypso I and Calypso II. Furgund (by Colombo) bred with him 18 times, also producing five approved sons. Deka produced Caletto I, II and III, all by the stallion.

He was not only a sire himself but a sire of sires. The full brothers, Caletto I, II were stars, as were the brother quartet of Calypso I to V. In the jumping arena, his handsome grey son, Corrado has been a star for Franke Sloothaak, while Cordalmé Z with Gilbert Böckmann has also been successful at international level. Both went on to become influential sires.

Cor de la Bryere stood at Siethwende from 1971 to 1984, Zangersheide 1985, Elmshorn 1986 to 1988, and Sollwittfeld from 1989 until his death in 2000. In his first season, he covered 70 mares at and four colts from his first crop were licensed.

On April 27, 2000, at the age of 32, Cor de la Bryere was put down due to acute heart disease.

Descendants of Cor de la Bryere

Calando I, Calando II, Calando III, Calando IV, Calando V, Calando VI and Z-Calanda

Caletto I, Caletto II and Caletto III

Calypso I, Calypso II, Calypso III, Calypso IV, Calypso V

Cavalier Royale, Cicero & Cicera

Come Back I & Come Back II

Corde Star


Corrado I & Corrado II

Cordalmé Z

Cabaret & Corlandus

Cor de Brilliant

Cor Noir

Carte D’or


Chaka Khan