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Color: liver chestnut

Born: 2009

Hight 170 cm, 16/3 hands

Licensed for:Oldenburg (OL), Westphalia, Southern German studbooks, Rhineland, Poland, Baden-Württemberg, Bavarian, Brandenburg-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen-Thüringen

WFFS positive


The London International Horse Show

Modern appearance paired with a striking mechanic of movement, light-footedness and elegance – that’s what Fiderdance embodied when he presented himself at the Oldenburg licensing in 2011.

Due to his charisma, his three excellent basic gaits, his ideal freedom of shoulder and his serene character he belonged to the most exceptional stallions there.At his 30-day test in Schlieckau Fiderdance inspired again with brillliant scores for all basic gaits, willingness to perform and rideability.


  • 4th place in his first Intermediaire II at the K+K Cup in Münster
  • 4th place in an Intermediaire II and 5th place in an advanced (S***) level dressage test at the Derby dressage Cup in Dortmund


Already at his licensing I was inspired by his fantastic charisma and  presence. His elegant habitus with his beautifully set neck characterizes his silhouette and is an absolute eye-catcher with his extraordinary way of moving due to his extremely free shoulder. Offering collection-ability at the highest degree Fiderdance is clearly a dressage and rideability talent par excellence. Despite of his young age he has already learned, with ease and submissiveness, exercises up to flying changes at every stride, passage, and also half-pass couldn’t be better – with a smile on our faces we call him “nerd”. I am lucky that I can ride him now and again –  due to his “go” and his top rideability he gives me the feeling of being a super rider. He is an athlete of the finest and his long-legged offspring are characterized by the same silhouette as well as quality of movements.