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Kanndarco without contract


Sold as: dose

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Color: black

Born: 2013

Height: 170cm

approved for: Mecklenburg, OS-International, Rhineland, Southern German Stud Books, Westphalia, Hanover applied for

WFFS negative

After completing his 14-day test in Schlieckau in 2016 with 8.28 (jumping ability 9.5, willingness to perform 9.0) placed amongst the best at his sport test in 2017 in Münster-Handorf with 8.67 (ability 9.0), Kanndarco successfully passed his stallion examination in 2018 with his second sport test in Verden. Once again, he presented himself in an excellent manner in all respects and thus as an incredibly complete show-jumping horse (8.77). Kanndarco also won elementary (A) and intermediate (L) level competitions for young show jumpers.

His first offspring impress by their size and presence, their athletic conformation and their elasticity in movement.

His sire Kannan, ridden by Michel Hécart, was part of the French Team that won the Samsung Super League in 2003 and 2004. He was also French Champion in 2005. From 2010 to 2017, Kannan was one of the top ten sires and in 2018 he was twelfth in the WBFSH ranking of the world’s best show-jumping sires. He has left his mark on modern show-jumping breeding like no other.

The successful dam Withney vd Kiekenhoef is the half-sister of the licensed stallions Cantari Stern (by Cornet Obolensky) and Bono vd Kiekenshoef (by Skippy II), and also of the international show-jumping horse Chanel van de Kiekenhoef (by Skippy II).


The dam sire Darco was placed in Grand-Prix, Nations’ Cups and show-jumping World Cups with Ludo Philippaerts/BEL. Thanks to his offspring such as Sapphire/McLain Ward/USA, Valentina van’t Heike/Jos Lansink/BEL, Winningmood/Luciana Diniz/POR and Parco/Ludo Philippaerts, he led the WBFSH world ranking of show-jumping sires for years. He was named “Ambassador” by his breeding association BWP.

Grannus, in the third generation, was victorious at advanced (S) level and proved to be an exceptional performance sire for the international show-jumping sport – and in many cases, as with Kanndarco, also on the dam side.

Kanndarco represents the Westphalian mare family of Gita.