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Osaka with Van Uytert Breeding Contract (max 3 doses)


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Born: 2019
Color: bay
Height: 174cm
Approved for: KWPN
WFFS: negative

The stallion Osaka is a powerhouse. Only 3 years old and then showing all this strength. He is the ideal stallion for mares who need size and whose canter can be improved. In our Dutch breeding there are many mares of this type for which Osaka can be the ideal stallion.
Osaka is a son of the Grand Prix stallion Escolar, who has caused a stir with his breeding in recent years. His strong mother line makes him complete.
Osaka is an impressive, likeable stallion with a lot of work ethic and a good to very good attitude. The stallion is easy to handle. The step is very powerful and you step over it well, but it should be continued even more consistently. When trotting, the stallion moves with a lot of momentum and moment of suspension. The trot has good speed, space grip and a more than adequately supporting hind leg. The canter is very powerful, has a lot of floating moment and a lot of balance. Osaka moves with a lot to a lot of souplesse, a very good balance with a lot of switching power. Osaka has a lot of power and forward momentum in movement. As a dressage horse, Osaka has a lot to a lot of talent and gives his rider a good to very good feeling.

Osaka is the first KWPN-approved son of the stallion Escolar, who was very successful internationally in Grand Prix under Hubertus Schmidt. Mother Capri P (elite pref EPTM-Dress PROK) descends from the Keur stallion Florencio. This very tried and tested mare achieved no less than 88.5 points in the EPTM (mare test), including five times a nine, and comes from the well-known line of Huub and Tiny van Helvoirt. In addition to Osaka, Capri P is also the mother of the KWPN stallion Grenoble (by Bordeaux). Capri P also produced Irendy P (by Jack Sparrow) and Jefferson P (by De Niro), rated at Z1 and Z2 levels respectively. Grandmother Orendy (ster pref prest by Jazz) is the mother of the KWPN stallion Zhivago (by Krack C), as well as the BigTour horses Anderson P (by Painted Black) and Estados (by Krack C) and the Z1 dressage horse Scaramouche.
The mother line continues with the well-known “Keur Preferente Prestatie” mare Endy (Ulft x Amor), whose offspring have achieved excellent results in both sport and breeding. Endy is the mother of the NMK winner and Z2-classified Andy, the international Grand Prix horse Broere Karmijn, the Small Tour horse Zendy and the grandmother and great-grandmother of numerous internationally successful dressage horses. Endy is also the grandmother of the KWPN stallions Charmeur, Zuidenwind and Viento Uno W.