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Rock Forever NRW


Sold as: dose

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Color: dark brown

Born: 2003

Height: 172cm

Approved for: Westf, Rheinld, Holstein, Hanover, Ol, Süddt associations, Denmark

WFFS negative



As radiant Reserve Champion of the 15th NRW main licensing 2005, here presents a charming stallion in modern guise. In noble dark brown jacket, the Westphalian not only in the three gaits convince but shines equally in the jumping ability. With Rock Forever is our breeders a modern stallion of superlatives available. In his dam line performance blood in a class of flows, demonstrated by performance and state premium mares in all generations. Pulled over Hobo Damocles Pilot, can be found through Landgraf I, Ladykiller xx and Capitol all the great sires.



It should be noted that direct grandmother and great-grandmother of Rock Forever itself in international sport were successful (Princess v. Pilot eg under M. Beerbaum), but also the long list of highly successful sport horses, which spring from the direct dam line. His father Rockwell is on everyone’s lips and much celebrated multi-champion in severe trials in jumping and dressage. His gifted double talent he inherited repeatedly to his offspring. Caused a sensation the sale of Rock Forever subsidiary Rosamunde (MV Fidermark). The nearly eight year old mare completed her Grand Prix debut for Steffen Peters with almost 80%. In the breeding value estimation for 2014. Rock Forever is in second place.2014 he brought more licensed sons, including the westfälsichen premium stallion Rock My Soul, so that it can currently look proudly on 32 licensed sons.

The main achievements of his young career:

• Bronze National Championships 2006

• Note winner of the 30-day test in Münster-Handorf

• Westphalia Champion at the Westfalen week in Münster-Handorf

• Silver Medal National Championships 2007

• Winners of the Westphalia championship of the five year old dressage horses in 2008

• Sixth place at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Verden in 2008

• Vice Champion at the Federal Championships 2008