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Global Equine Sires Terms and Conditions:

By placing an Order with Global Equine Sires, the Customer (YOU) agrees to the following Terms and Conditions. All Orders are subject to these Terms and Conditions and can’t be varied. All prices are subject to change without any notice.

1. Global Equine Sires reserves the rights to refuse any service to anyone or cancel any order already being placed with GES. If an Order already has been paid, Global Equine Sires will refund the money for that particular order.

2. Global Equine Sires provides a Brokerage Service of witch it makes frozen semen available to NA Breeders. All semen sales are either by straw or by dose. If bought by straw the mare owner is responsible to give instructions to the veterinarian on how many straws to use for each insemination. GES will send GES ship report stating how many straws are shipped total nor actual size of dose. All semen sales are final upon delivery. No money back guarantee or product exchange after payment was received. Semen will be shipped after
payment was received. Storage charges may apply.

3. All orders placed are subject to laws and jurisdiction of Erie County, Court of New York.

4. Global Equine Sires is a Brokerage Service and not the Producer of the frozen semen.

5. Global Equine Sires does not guarantee viability, fertility, availability and semen to be free of diseases.

6. Global Equine Sires does not provide any Life Foal Guarantee or contract such of or a Guarantee of Pregnancy.

7. Global Equine Sires is not liable for any misinformation on the Website. GES advises Customer (YOU) to verify all information provided upon yourself.

8. Global Equine Sires will assist to resolve any disputes between you (the Customer) and Semen Producer regarding quality and other circumstances.

9. Global Equine Sires is not liable for any frozen semen that has been delivered and is in Customers, Customers Veterinarian or Customers person of trust possession.

10. Global Equine Sires needs to know of any damaged or missing straws, damaged or faulty equipment within 12 hours of arrival. Any claims after that will not be honored.

11. Global Equine Sires is liable for damage of frozen semen when shipped in their own shipping tanks.

12. Global Equine Sires will not be liable for Customers Equipment used to ship frozen semen. Customer will make their own shipment arrangements and insurance when using their own Shipping tanks.

13. Buyer is responsible to choose and advise professional personal to handle the purchased semen. Global Equine Sires will help finding such personal.

14. Global Equine Sires advises strongly to follow protocols that will prevent damage or harm to the frozen semen straws such as thawing in extender or thawing straws in a sterile bag to protect any semen spill of damaged straw.

15. Global Equine Sires will provide thawing instructions with each shipment. All frozen semen that are sold to Global Equine Sires have an Industry minimum Standard of 200 mio progressive motile sperm cells, which, upon PROPER thawing and evaluation show at least 30% post thaw motility.

16. Buyer agrees to hold harmless Global Equine Sires and/or any semen distribution agents for Global Equine Sires for any injury or illness to mares associated in any way with the insemination of frozen semen provided by Global Equine Sires.

17In purchasing from Global Equine Sires website, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above.